Calculate HSG split-shipping costs

For when you are making a joint order with HopShopGo and want to know how much each of you have to pay for the shipping.

$cost = $weight / $weightTotal * ($y - $firstHalfKilo) + ($firstHalfKilo / count($x));

The first half-kilo, at US$24 (US$28.80 express. Less 10% paying with PayPal, which is mandatory anyway,) is split evenly amongst participants. The rest of the cost (which includes required insurance, fuel levy, etc.) is adjusted to the weight of individuals’ package(s.)

Feed me data

You must fill out at least two participants to split the cost.

Numbers only, please. Yes, I can tell.

Now with 50% more accurates!

I was going to write it so you could add as many or as few persons (minimum two, obviously) as you wanted, but that would require JavaScript, and then I just think that if I weren’t using this as a way to learn PHP, I would (and should) have written it entirely in JavaScript, and I am rather lazy …